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●Feel free to use at reasonable rates

·You can use it for various parties and conferences.
·For the banquet hall on the second floor, you can use various workshops and conferences / exhibitions.
·There is also a banquet and conference hall on the 9th floor.
·Transportation to the meeting place is also available.(Basic, it is free.)
·Please do not hesitate to contact the front desk.

There is also a banquet hall with a wonderful view (especially a night view).

The evening party at the observation restaurant on the 9th floor is popular if you can see the whole city.
  • ·Training meeting plan

    ·There is also a great plan that has become a set with accommodation.
    • Hotel Sun Plus Beer Garden
      We started beer garden in Sun Plus Yutaka of affiliate hotel.
      Every Friday / Saturday, business, from 18 o'clock to 22 o'clock.
      We also accept reservations.
      ☎072-461-2911 Hotel Sun Plus front desk.

      The beer garden ended at the end of August.
      Thank you for using.
  • ·Party plan beer garden (Sun Plus Yutaka held at Sun Plus Yutaka)

  • Restaurant

    ·The breakfast will be in a Japanese style Western style buffet style.
     Please spend a healthy day with a healthy breakfast.
     The picture is on the 9th floor buffet.