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Hotel New Yutaka


915-1 Nakasho, Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture

Telephone number



5 minutes by car from Nankai Main Line Izumisano Station Nankai Dentetsu, Nankai Main Line Izumisano Station, ·, JR Hanwa Line, Kumatori Station

Pick-up presence (condition)
  • ●Transportation service (Free)

    ●Pick up
    Kansai International Airport you wish to pick up to Kansai International Airport or train station, please see the above schedule
    Please contact time and place before the day before booking.It will be closed as soon as it becomes quorum.
    Please call the hotel directly for changes. 072-461-2911

    ●Pickup location
    ★Kansai International Airport Terminal 1, First floor Arrival lobby "H]From the exit near the south group bus stop signboard
                     Please wait.
                     A person in charge will pick you up with a placard.
    ★Kansai International Airport Terminal 2, LCC International "E" Exit Left Hand Group Bus Station
                      (Operated only at 23:40)
    ★Please wait at Rinku-Town Station, exit 5 and take the elevator to the ground floor where you were on the first floor.
                On the road, a shuttle car is waiting.
    ★Please wait at Izumisano Station, east entrance, on the right hand 'General car landing place'.

    Kansai International Airport you wish to send to Kansai International Airport, Rinku-Town Station please refer to the schedule above
    Please apply at check-in.(23 o'clock deadline)
    We will pass through the affiliate hotel, but we do not have much time to arrive.
  • ●When using a car

    Access method: From Osaka
     Hanshin Expressway Wangan Sen, Izumisano Kita exit, turn left at the Niihama west intersection,
     Just around the Nakaso intersection on Route Route 26.

    Access method: From Wakayama
     Route 26 Route Nakaso intersection, Right after turning right

    ●About car parking
      It will be kept only for your stay.
      The use of the parking lot is 500 yen per normal car (including tax).
      If you are traveling by truck or bus, please contact the hotel.
  • ●When coming by train

    ●Nankai Main Line
     About 30 minutes by airport express from Namba Station, (The price is 590 yen as of May, Heisei 30.)
     3 minutes by Izumisano Station taxi down Izumisano Station 10 minutes by bus
    ●JR Hanwa Line
     About 30 minutes from Tennoji Station by KANSAI AIRPORTS Rapids (The price as of May 30, Heisei is 550 yen.)
     3 minutes by taxi down Kumatori Station
  • ●Guide of meeting place of Rinku-Town Station

  • ●Guide place of Kansai International Airport pick up, South Group Bus stop No Chef

    1F Arrival lobby, exit "H" to the left and dispatch the cars on the road signs of the signboard at the south group bus stop.